Things to incorporate for your custom home decor

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Owning a new home is a dream come true for every person. There are lot of things to consider like new furnishing, wall decors, and the list goes on. In such a crucial point deciding the décor for your house becomes easy, when you have an experienced interior designer to assist you all along. There are various colour schemes, themes, inspirations readily available for decorating your home, apart from what the designer suggests.

 To tastefully decorate your home, you got to have the flare for things that are functional yet soothing to your eyes. The first step is go basic, think what all can be incorporated without breaking the harmony of the existing décor and your budget of course.  Focus to choose an attractive colour palette along with common design elements. For deciding colour palette use elements that you already have at home, such as wardrobe, carpets, even the kitchen and balcony.

Collect designs from the internet

Internet is a great source for everything that you are not aware of. Choose a colour palette that goes in sync with your lifestyle. For every room you can choose a unique design but it will be easier to have a common theme for every room. You can even extend the theme to the balcony or living areas from the master bedrooms. From the internet you can even get expert design tips, ideas, and suggestions and discuss them with your interior designer. It helps you to complete the home décor and offer you the feeling of accomplish that you did something in your budget – the lively living room and cosy interiors would bring warmth, as you designed them according to the lifestyle of the family.

Finalize the idea

Finalizing the idea is bit tricky as you get overwhelmed with a galore of options online or in a store. Now it’s time to set the map and start working. Focus what is of top most priority in which room, for example, the bedroom centres around the bed, so make sure to highlight the bedding. Then the curtains, furniture and accessories like side lamps and all are chosen. In every case, time, lifestyle and budget stay of primary concern, to ensure that you don’t go overboard seeing so many options in front of you.

Set aside the budget

Budget is the basic constraint people usually hesitate while hiring professional home décor services from interior designers. Ensure that better quality products must be installed at elements and spaces where you spend most of your time. It may include choosing the right bedding and furniture, upholstery for the living area. Add a personal touch to the décor if you have some sewing or knitting skills and save some amount of money.

Get the right ingredient

Choosing the right ingredients impacts your interior decoration greatly. It doesn’t matter in which way the house is built, all that means is how you have accessorized it to suit your functional needs and lifestyle.  Be it choosing the fabric for the curtains or the water proof furnishing for the bathroom, everything should be done carefully.

You are good to go

Once you have collected the home décor materials for your home, you are good to go. Start with your designer to revamp the look using all that beautiful fabric, wallpapers, accessories and furnishing you have got. Hand painted or machine printed, choosing the right fabrics would transform the interiors.


Elements of a Green Home

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A Green Home is an all encompassing structure where energy conservation, using renewable sources of power and less wastage of anything that harms the environment and leaves a higher carbon footprint is of prime importance. It entails structure that reduces indoor air pollution, has natural sources of light and ventilation for the majority of the day or year, has provisions for water recycling and rain water harvesting. Essentially, it is an intensive process beginning with the selection of location of the plot, the design of the house, the materials and practices used during construction, fittings and fixtures and the way to consume energy once it is up and running.

We are listing down the key elements here: Location Location is the prime consideration for building a home which has limited carbon footprint. A location with dense foliage, public spaces and good air quality makes for a great location because of less air and noise pollution, effective usage of natural sources of light and energy. Structural Design and Materials An effective house design takes into consideration the exposure to sun, air and other natural elements. The orientation and design should be such that the house gets maximum exposure to day light while protecting the structure from UV lights across seasons and throughout the day. The house should be able to benefit from maximum air draft that keeps it well ventilated in absence of fans and other appliances. . It is important for both indoor air quality and the energy efficiency of the home. It should also provide filtration to increase air quality and the best ones will help control moisture which reduces air conditioning costs.

A well designed house plan offers great air tightness, high insulation values and good solar heat gain coefficients which goes a long way in maintaining energy efficiency. It is ideal to use paints, polishes and materials that don’t emit harmful chemicals and gases. Insulation & Sealing As important is ventilation, it is essential to seal the indoors for better performance of air conditioners. Sealing also helps in controlling moisture and leakage in the structure. A well thought structure using materials like prefabricated concrete which create a good insulation and thermal envelope should be used. Insulation and air sealing create an indoor environment that is easier to condition and maintain. This leads to lower HVAC costs as well as an energy bill that is easier on the pocket.

Water Conservation and Recycling Water conservation includes effective or low usage of available water as well as harvesting rain water and maintaining underground table level. Installing indigenous rain water harvesting systems like pipes from the terraces to rain water barrels which feed underground reservoirs can cater to large requirements of water. Intelligent fixtures like devices that filter water from kitchen and wash basins for usage in toilets should also be used. Energy Efficient Appliances It is imperative to use white goods that consume lesser electricity.

Appliances that have higher star rating may have higher upfront cost but are less energy guzzling as compared to cheaper goods. In summary, a green home maintains and increases energy efficiency, uses materials that are less hazardous to the environment, stresses on water conservation and keeps the air well conditioned. The more these elements are incorporated, the greener the house would be. It is ideal to use all these elements; however the degree of “green” solely depends on the decision of the owner. Happy Home Building!!

Right deco for your house – for the kids room

When you build or buy a new house, everyone is equally excited, starting from your parents to your little ones. While decorating and choosing the interior and furnishing of the house, do not neglect the kids room, as their safety and comfort is of utmost importance. Their room should be lively enough to make them happy and relaxed. So, you must be wondering as what’s the big deal in choosing the deco for your house, especially for the children’s room.


Here are some key notes to keep in mind, while going furniture hunting and other accessories for your bundles of joy.

No waiting to decorate

Usually people tend to put on hold the decoration of the kids’ room, till the children reach a certain age. It usually happens because you tastefully decorate the space with so many efforts and the children may possibly destroy things while playing games indoor such as cricket or basketball, which would hit valuable show pieces and break them. But, the best part of home décor is let them enjoy their childhood with a little sense of ownership of the place they stay. Decide the colour of their room with them, and explain how beautiful it would look, if they won’t spoil it by scribbling on it with their crayons or pen. Ask them what specific thing they would like to decorate their wall with or any superman bed sheet or cushions for their bed etc.

A fuss-free space

Choose a comfortable and clean-lined look for the kids’ room home décor and strategically style it. Don’t keep fabric covered tables in their room, their tug of war would let everything crash on the floor.  Go for contemporary or vintage items around the kids’ corner, they are capable of surviving the attacks of the kids. Choose practically, what is suitable for the little ones.

Experiment with colour, pattern, or texture

Choose vibrant colours, different patterns and soothing texture Get them ready for camouflaging the inevitable spills, innumerable fingerprints and various mishaps which extents to the floors and walls and not just on furniture. Go for rugs with darker hues and rich pattern. Choose bit darker colours for the walls, as large surfaces tend to make the shade little lighter.

Sturdy materials and finishes

The room needs to withstand the mischiefs of the kids, so go for sturdy and quality products in whatever you buy for their home décor. Choose floors which are easy to clean with a damp cloth and preferably antiskid ones, as kids won’t get hurt even if they skid and fall. The curtains of their rooms should be dark enough to protect harsh sunlight and light enough to light up the room to move around even without electric light. Place their books and gadgets in a safe trunk or cupboards, in order to minimize the clutter and allow more space for the kids to play.

Scrimping on furniture is a bad idea

It is wise to invest in sturdy furniture for the kids’ room, but make sure to have them with rounded off edges. Sharp edges means you would often find the little ones with bruises and black eyes, either while running around or falling, or retrieving something from under the table. If possible get tables which have shelves with doors, so that they hold books, shoes, toys and other knickknacks of the children. Hardwood furniture which is kiln dried offers a better option to stand against the constant attacks of the children, without hurting them. Cushions should be sewed in to avoid pillow fights.

How to Get a Construction Loan in India

 Steps to get a construction loan in India

A construction loan is typically a short term loan that we need to pay for the cost of building a home. It may be offered for a set term (usually around a year) to allow you the time to build your home. Availing home loans in India is such an easy task, you just need to follow the procedure and within a short-time you will have a house of your own.

To avail a construction loan in India and own your dream home, all you need to do is follow the below listed processes:


  1. Verification of loan applicant and his requirement

Once you have applied for a loan, the financing company will first come and check whether you can afford the repayment of the applied loan amount. They will also check, whether the requirement is authentic and trust worthy. Once this is done, there will be an affordability check done by the financing company as well based on your credit rating.

Verification of loan applicant and his requirement

  1. Security Verification Of Property

The security verification comes with two different sets of verifications –

  • Legal Verification
  • Technical Verification

Legal Verification

Once you have applied for a construction loan and the bank has taken the initiative to approve your loan; the prior step that comes into consideration is the legal verification. This is done by a nominated lawyer of the bank. The lawyer will check whether your property documents are authentic and reliable or not. The main objective of doing this is in case you default your payments for long and the bank wants to auction your property for loan recovery; at that time it should not face any legal problems.

List of documents required for legal verification for a home construction loan:

  1. Land’s original sale deed- A land on which you intend to construct your house.
  2. Proof of land tax- The proof that you have paid your land tax.
  3. Property registration card- The property registration card is issued in your name if you are the loan
  4. Non Agricultural land permission- This has to be issued by the district collector.
  5. Search and title report.
  6. Proof of tax- You should pay your taxes under Urban Ceiling Act.
  7. Sanctioned building plan.
  8. Cost of construction of the home- The cost of construction of your home should be certified by a licensed architect.
  9. Permission of corporation- You must have received the permission to build the home.


Technical Verification

Once you have approached the financing company for a home construction loan, the bank will first verify the authenticity of your request. This verification is called as technical verification. The agency will cross verify your property valuation. Technical verification is very crucial for banks before loans sanction. Your property will be kept as a mortgage by the bank. Till you pay back the entire amount allotted to you in a certain period of time, the bank can do anything with your property. In case you have multiple repayment defaults, the bank can auction the property and recover the cost. This is a reason why property valuations check is done very judiciously by the banks.

The techno-legal verification done by the bank ensures if your mortgaged property provides sufficient security to the bank. Once the bank is fully satisfied they will take the final step of disbursement.

Home construction loan disbursement

  1. Home construction loan disbursement

Loan disbursement can only take place once the legal and technical verification is completed. It is generally done in the form of a cheque.  This cheque is signed by the home construction loan operations manager of the bank and then handed over to you after the completion of all the formalities.

Different Types Of Home Loans That You Must Be Familiar With

8 type of home loans you must be familiar with

For a home owner, it is not possible to always have the amount ready in full to get the dream home. Here comes the need for home loans. You can avail home loans for construction as well as to buy a ready-to-move-in house.

There are different types of home loans available in India with a wide range of interest rates depending upon the lending institution. The last decade has witnessed a massive change in the home loan industry. Individuals apply for home loans to own their dream homes.

Here are few of the most noted type of home loans for constructions and home buying listed for you –

  1. Home purchase – ready-made house buying

These are the most common form of home loans that individuals avail to buy a new home that they are ready to take possession of or a property that is already in use and the buyer purchases it from the old owners. An individual can avail these loans at skimming premium rates, as hybrid loans or on settled interest rates.

       2. Land purchase – development at later stage

When you want to custom build a home then this kind of home loan would suit your needs. These home loans are taken to buy a plot on which you can build your dream home. Most of the leading banks lend up to 85 per cent of the land cost and these loans can be utilized for private construction purpose.

Land purchase – development at later stage

       3. Home extension – adding some new features or rooms

An individual can seek a home extension loan when he/she wants to add new features to the existing structure of the house. Extension broadly incorporates modification of the existing house to add more space such as an extra room, an upgraded washroom, installing a gallery or library, etc.

       4. Home construction – building from the scratch

For people who want custom built homes rather than pre-developed houses, home construction loans are the best options. The buyer needs to buy the plot within the same year of obtaining the construction home loan, so that the cost of the area can also get incorporated in determining the cost of the house.

       5. Home improvement – enhancing and furnishing an old house

People who want to redesign, remodel or undertake repair works might avail home improvement loans. Interior and exterior painting, repair works, electrical work, plumbing, water-sealing and improvement of overhead or underground tanks fall under the scope of this loan scheme.

Home improvement – enhancing and furnishing an old house

       6. Balance transfer – exchanging loans from one bank to the other

An individual can take advantage of such a home loan for construction when he borrows from one bank and later wants to exchange it with another bank. Usually, it happens when the borrower is not satisfied with the primary lending bank’s services or is interested to reimburse balance of the credit amount at a lower rate of investment.

       7. Home conversion – new home owners wanting to buy an alternate house

Home conversion loans are for buyers who have acquired a house officially with a home loan and still need to buy an alternate home and move there. Using these loans, they can get the new home at a subsidized rate by exchanging the existing loan to the new home. Reimbursing the old home loan doesn’t have a compelling reason.

       8. Bridged

These are transient house loans for official owners of private property who want to make a new purchase. These loans help them reserve the purchase of the new house until the old house is sold.

Getting the right kind of loan for your home with maximum tax benefits is just like the icing on the cake. Apart from purchasing houses, banks give loans for an assortment of purposes that are related to home buying. Loans for constructions or buying a house vary depending upon the needs of the buyers as well as the income bracket they belong to.

Things to know about custom home builders

Things to know about custom home builders

A custom home is one-of-a kind, designed specifically for particular clients and for a specific location with a particular design. A custom house builder may use plans created by an architect or by a professional home designer. They generally construct on lands owned by the respective home buyers. Some developers sell fully serviced plots especially for the construction of custom homes and the builders only need to focus on the designing of the house. This is possible as the plot is construction ready and the focus of the builders can only be on its design and development of the houses.

Points to know about custom home builders:

  • The custom builders generally build on lands that have been already owned.
  • The houses built by the custom home builders are unique. For this architects are hired. Though, some custom builders offer design or building services together.
  • They usually build for single family homes (on priority).
  • They are generally small-volume builders.
  • They also tend to build high-end homes.

house contractors

As you know, real estate developers are people who look after the multifaceted business processes, take charge of the activities including the renovation and re-leasing of the existing buildings to the purchase of raw land and the sale of pre-developed land to others. They are the ones who convert ideas on papers to real property. It is completely different from construction, though many developers do manage the construction process as well.

  • The developers buy land, finance real estate deals, build or hire builders, imagine, create, contract and arrange the process of development from the scratch.
  • They are the ones who take the greatest risks while creating or renovating the real estate and also receive the greatest rewards.
  • Usually these developers buy a piece of land, find out the market value, develop the project, design it, obtain necessary public approval, look after financing, build the structures, rent out and then finally sell it to the buyer. Though, some only undertake only a part of the entire process.
  • They work with different counterparts along each step of the process including-
    • Architects
    • City planners
    • Engineers
    • Surveyors
    • Inspectors
    • Contactors
    • Lawyers and
    • Leasing agents

building developer

Though, the developers require no specific qualifications, as it is not a professional designation, but they need a license to undertake construction work. Many aspects of real estate development process require local or state licensing. They are known by the work they do which hardly demands any qualification.

A custom builder can also be a real estate developer but building and developing are two different tasks. Though, many manage doing both the things simultaneously. A true custom builder builds all the exceptional designs that cannot be duplicated.

Custom builders and real estate developers do co-exist with each other. But a real estate developer takes the pain to develop the building project by preparing the land where construction could be done and also build upon the  pre-leveled land.


Home construction and real estate builders aren’t the same. Home construction is basically the process of constructing a house. The home builders specialize in building and construction. They look after all the aspects of home construction starting from designing to carpentry to masonry. They go on building home frames and walls and also look after installing electrical wirings, windows and insulation. While a real estate development is a business process comprising of activities ranging from renovation and re-leasing of existing buildings to the purchasing of vacant land and also the sale of developed land to others. The best are the ones who can convert their ideas from a drawing to reality.  Real estate development is simply the work they do in the best possible way.

building construction


Generally a real estate developer prepares a land so that the custom home builder can build upon it. The developers buy a huge plot of land and then hand it over to respective builders.

How prefabricated homes revolutionized modern day housing solution?

Modern day homes are abundantly equipped with latest amenities essential for a comfortable lifestyle. Prefabricated homes are a revolution in technologically advanced homes and the best alternatives with an affordable budget. These prefab homes are manufactured in bulk at factories and then transported to the site of installation (the plot where you want to construct your house).

These are also called precast homes, which bring new prospects, designs, and cost-effective ways of living. These facilities were not prevalent for homes constructed on an already laid foundation.

Prefab custom homes offer better perks than a conventionally built house. Today’s superfast life needs an option of convenient building solutions that allows you to own or construct a dream home at a short notice. Prefab homes are the perfect solutions for this kind of requirement where the place is professionally designed for accommodating particular needs, environmental conditions, and conveniently adapting to various situations.

The best thing about these advanced building solutions known as precast homes is they stand tall against natural disasters. These are built from pre-constructed structures which are ready to be assembled with professional help. As they are so good to handle the worst climatic conditions, they are perfect for a home as well as a disaster shelter. Steel and high-quality concrete is utilized to make these modular structures with the latest technology to enable them for withstanding natural disasters.

Let’s have a glance on the perks of prefabricated houses –

  • These prefabricated homes have designs which are functional, economical and environment-friendly.
  • These houses have walls which are well-insulated, capable of withstanding high pressure and are durable.
  • Flexible designs to suit your specific needs such as the number of rooms, shapes, size, and styles.
  • The technologically equipped homes are eco-friendly as the raw material involved in constructing the prefab structures is made from fly ash, with less pollution to the environment, and minimal waste materials during installation on the housing plot.
  • The icing on the cake is that these custom prefab houses are not at all like the typical cookie-cutter type suburban residences.
  • These prefab homes are pocket-friendly, as they are low on maintenance and consume less time for construction, save manpower and can be erected within 150 days including painting and furnishing.

Though the advantages of these homes are aplenty, care must be taken while choosing the right home builder. An efficient turnkey solution provider company can assist you in buying or constructing a custom home that fits your bill and the desires of your heart as well. All that you need to do is jot down the amenities and features you want to incorporate in your dream home and the team of experts can really build such a house designed by professional architects with years of experience and international exposure.

Prefabricated homes are the best ways to ensure that you have a home that is well secured from potent hazards of the harsh climate. As they are built within stringent guidelines that adhere to the construction standards of the Government, there is less chance of being duped by any builder or construction company. When in doubt, there are companies that offer online chat facility or you can walk into their office to discuss the details and initiate the home building process.


Prefabricated homes are becoming the need of the hour, as property prices are fluctuating frequently. These prefab homes would bring you quality and convenience bundled with a reasonable budget, offering you the much needed peace of mind.

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Precast Concrete is the future of construction

f hether it is a home project or a commercial one, the choice of construction product is always governed by its durability, flexibility and versatility both in home design and construction stages, and fire safety. On all these parameters, precast concrete scores over other construction products.

What is precast concrete?

It is a construction product that is produced by casting concrete in a reusable mold, which is then cured in a controlled environment. Once cured, it is transported the construction site and lifted into the place.

Reasons to choose pre-cast concrete

  1. Enhanced comfort

Owing to its intrinsic properties of thermal inertia and acoustic insulation, precast buildings ensure a comfortable and peaceful experience to residents.

  1. Superb protection against fire and natural disasters

From containing fires to resisting blasts and natural catastrophes like earthquakes, tornadoes and floods, precast concrete ensures unmatched safety.

  1. Enough room for creative expression

As pre-cast concrete is manufactured in factories, it offers a wide choice of surface finishing, colour range and special shapes.

  1. Protection against rot and insect attacks

Pre-cast concrete is quite stable all through its life span and doesn’t need chemical treatment to protect against rot and insect attack

  1. Optimized for specific use

By employing advanced technologies in the precasting plants, the precast concrete of the desired quality (reduced tolerances, thinner sections, engineered solutions) can be manufactured to meet varied needs.


As precast concrete offers so many benefits, we will surely see its increased use in both residential and commercial projects in the times to come.


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How to Build your Dream Home in Mumbai ?

Mumbai is the economic capital of India. With a population of over 12 million people, it is also the most populous city in India. Due to high demand, the property prices in this city are always quite high. In the recent years, a lot of development has taken place around the city, making a number of choices available to those who want to own a home in Mumbai. Despite the growing popularity of apartments, many home buyers continue to look for options of independent houses. Many people who own a plot want to construct their own home in Mumbai. However, due to several constraints, people find it difficult to build their own home.

Building your own home

Building your own home means you can design your home exactly the way you want to. However, building a new home is a rather difficult and complex process. Right from searching for building contractors in Mumbai to sourcing sturdy building materials, there are several factors that have to be taken into consideration. Managing and coordinating everything on your own can be hard in this regard. This is one of the main reasons why most people give up the dream of building their dream home and end up buying a ready-made home instead.

However, in today’s world of advanced technology, building a new home is no longer a difficult task. In recent years, several online platforms have emerged that have made the whole process of building a home simpler and less time-consuming. is one such online platform that can help you out with some fabulous options to make your pick from.

Why is an online platform for individual home builders (IHB) to get their dream home constructed on an existing plot of theirs. For example, if you own a plot in Mumbai, you can avail the services of this platform to get your dream home constructed without managing everything separately. If you don’t own a plot, you can also use the platform to find the right plot.

Advantages of using

  1. There is no need to manage different agencies involved in construction of house. Be it sourcing of materials or designing the home, everything is taken care of by
  2. There are thousands of home plans to choose from. You can also modify the plan to suit your needs and requirements. There is a review/rating based system that can help you select the right plan.
  3. Advanced prefab construction technology is used and the home construction is completed within a matter of 60 days.
  4. You can talk to the experts who’ll answer your queries and sort out every problem you face.
    Instead of find home builders in Mumbai, you can avail the services of to have your dream home constructed. This will make the whole process simpler, faster and less complex for you in every way possible.